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The Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss
Sun, Sep 11th 2011, 06:01

Weight Watchers International, Inc., the world's leading weight management service provider, has been recognized as the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss and the Best Commercial Diet Plan in the U.S. News and World Report first-ever Best Diets rankings.

The result was finalized by a panel of 22 leading, independent scientific experts after conducting a 6-month assessment of 20 diets and diet programs.

"This acknowledgment by U.S. News and World Report underscores what numerous clinical studies have already shown about the efficacy of our approach to weight loss," said David Kirchhoff, president and chief executive officer, Weight Watchers International, Inc.

The Weight Watchers PointsPlus program emphasizes the need for a healthful, balanced diet made up of nutrient-dense foods including fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains - essential nutrients to help consumers achieve healthy, long-term weight loss.

The Weight Watchers program is scientifically proven t

How to Clean a Gas Grill
Mon, Aug 15th 2011, 16:36

Cleaning a gas grill is essential for many reasons. It protects the grill, prolongs its life and keeps it in check for safety purposes. It is a rather easy task that needs great attention now and again. The following will help you in your efforts of having a clean and safe grilling experience.

Cleaning Instructions After Each Use

1. Scrub grates with a wire brush. It is best to do this when the grill is still warm.
2. Rub oil with a rag onto cast iron grates.

Once a Year Deep Cleaning

1. Disconnect the propane or gas tank.
2. Take the grill apart as much as possible. This will allow easy and correct cleaning for each part.
3. Remove the cooking grate and clean the barrier above the burners.
4. Wash the grate with soap and water. If it needs to be re-oiled, wait until you use it again.
5. Inspect cast iron grates frequently for rust. Repaint if necessary.
6. Inspect the burner for clogging, cracks or holes. Replace the burner if it is cr

Food Allowed on the hCG Weight Loss Protocol
Mon, Aug 15th 2011, 16:29

Before deciding to go on the hCG diet protocol, you may be wondering if there are enough choices of foods that you would like to eat or you may have food allergies to consider. Doctor A. T. W. Simeons developed the protocol after observing pregnant women in India who despite low food intake gave birth to healthy babies. He isolated the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, as the key element in the successful utilization of stored body fat while dieting. The protocol has a limited selection of foods to choose from. Especially limited are choices for vegetarians. Some have tried additional foods with reported successes.

Inject a daily dose of hCG during the weight loss portion of the protocol, and consume only about 500 calories a day. Eat two portions of each per day, no two of the same type to be eaten at the same time: 3.5 ounces of lean protein, 3.5 ounces of vegetable, and fruit. Cook food by steaming, broiling, baking or grilling, but do not add any extra fats.

Food List for Diabetics
Mon, Aug 15th 2011, 16:04

Eating the correct foods is an extremely important step when managing diabetes. Individuals with diabetes must take careful precautions with diet, staying away from foods that can cause blood sugar to spike to abnormal levels. Although carbohydrates are necessary for diabetics, choosing the right kind is absolutely necessary for diabetics. Diabetics should always choose foods high in fiber and nutrients, and low in fat, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. With proper meal planning, diabetics can lead a successful life and help keep their blood sugar regulated.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are beneficial and essential for a diabetic diet. Excellent sources of whole grains include brown rice, rye, legumes, wheat, and oats. These foods are a good source of complex high-fiber carbohydrates, which helps prevent high blood sugar. Refined carbohydrates, such as white rice and bread, should be avoided. Two to three servings of whole grains should be integrated into a diabetic diet.


How to Grill Ribs on a Gas Grill
Thu, Aug 11th 2011, 21:07

1. Place the ribs onto the baking pan and cover both sides with the dry rub or marinade.
2. Cover the baking pan with aluminum foil. Let the ribs sit overnight in the refrigerator
3. Place 2 cups of wood smoke chips into a 1 quart bowl. Pour enough water to cover the wood chips and let soak for 2 hours before grilling
4. Remove the ribs from the refrigerator and let them sit in the baking pan for 1 hour to come to room temperature.
5. Drain the soaked wood chips and place into the center of a 10-inch square of heavy duty aluminum foil. Fold the sides of the aluminum foil up and over the wood chips, but leave a gap for the wood smoke to escape and flavor your ribs on the grill.
6. Set the wood chips into the rear of your grill below the grilling rack, but on the opposite side from where you will place the ribs. Alternatively, place the packet of wood chips on top of the grill grates next to the ribs
7. Preheat the grill to 300 to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, and use only one burner--ei

How to Cook Low-Carb Meals
Thu, Aug 11th 2011, 21:00

Start by removing carbohydrate-rich foods from your pantry. When high carbohydrate foods aren't available, they won't tempt you to consume them.

When cooking main dishes, substitute cooking oils with olive oil. All meats are acceptable for a low-carbohydrate diet. Meat is high in protein and considered an essential part of a low-carbohydrate diet for providing energy. Lightly coat meat in olive oil and seasonings such as salt and pepper. Grill meat for extra flavor.

Part of a low-carbohydrate diet is replacing carbohydrates with fats and proteins. Cheese and eggs are healthy low-carbohydrate options to use for cooking and creating meals. Add cheese or chopped, boiled eggs to the top of fresh steamed asparagus for a low-carb vegetable.

High-starch vegetables such as potatoes, peas, corn and carrots should be restricted when eating a low-carbohydrate diet. To create a creamy side dish, cauliflower can be steamed and then pureed with butter and a small amount of cream.

Fresh f

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points For The Points Plus Plan
Thu, Aug 11th 2011, 20:56

Locate the nutritional information for the food you want to calculate the points for. It is usually located on the back of the product's box. If you are eating a fresh fruit or vegetable, good news, most fruits and vegetables have zero points on the new Points Plus plan. Starchy vegetables, like potatoes, come with point values that will still need to be calculated.

Find the nutritional information for unprocessed food, for example, potatoes, at a nutritional website, like Nutrition Data. You can also locate nutritional information for most restaurants and processed foods at the companies' websites.

Calculate the points by using this mathematical formula:

Points Plus = protein/10.94 + carbohydrates/9.17 + fat/3.89 - fiber/12.49.

You will take the grams of protein in your food listed on the nutritional label and divide it by 10.94 on your calculator. To that you will add the grams of carbohydrates divided by 9.17, add fat grams divided by 3.89, then subtract fiber divided by